In this crazy time of having to make the right decision, virtually, and quickly, being student rep and being in contact with IBM weekly has become an integral part of how I structure my time. By planning and putting energy into the virtual degree show instead of the Physical degree show on behalf of my fellow painters and being Student Rep for CCW as a whole as well as Student Rep for Stage 3 Painting does challenge me to contact my peers efficiently and have to make fair decisions that I think represents Wimbledon as a whole. I have actually learnt a lot on how the university functions as a whole and as a business.

This isn't to say that pre-corona I wasn't involved in my year group's general functioning and collating information on what people thought, and relaying questions between us and the tutors. Ensuring people were all fully informed (not just those elected to be on Facebook!) and everyone had an opportunity to input or to take roles in fundraising committees. For example I was also part of organising the Bad Painting prize, along with many of my peers and have been known to stalk the corridors of clipboards with lists and names... feels less art school when spreadsheets came into play-haha.

I really have enjoyed being student rep, and it will be one of many things I will miss next year when I am not at Wimbledon.